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Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Posted April 25, 2017 by Tony in Lifestyle

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Ricky Haug, MD is a family doctor in Kennett Square at Core Family Practice, a refreshingly different model of primary care. Below is his take on how to lead a healthier lifestyle!

We are all faced with barriers to healthy living. Many of us are challenged by unhealthy but “convenient” food choices, sedentary jobs, long commutes, jam-packed schedules, home stress, work stress, and the endless pressure to stay electronically connected. These challenges make healthy choices harder, but not unattainable. The key is making yourself – and your health – a priority.

A healthy lifestyle is within your control. Really. Even if you are the person whose idea of a healthy meal is ordering the apple slices with your Big Mac. Or the person with the 0.0 marathon sticker on your car. Or maybe you live a healthy lifestyle that you would like to take to the next level. No matter who you are, you can start living a healthier life right now. So many of us want to be healthier, but we are overwhelmed by the idea of it. We don’t know where to start and we don’t want to fail, so we don’t try.

If you keep it simple, you can live healthier. You can attain balance. There is no one size fits all prescription to health. You have to make small changes that work for you, and stick to the basics -- stay (or get) active, eat less processed food, manage stress with healthy outlets and mindfulness, get enough sleep and work on healthy relationships. This is the best prescription for health, longevity and happiness.

We have all seen numerous “best” diets, “best” workouts and “best” supplements that claim they will lead you to optimal health. The reality is so often these “best” plans lead to short term gains that are lost – along with your money – after you return to your usual routine. Small simple changes that become part of your routine will lead to long term changes in your health and often your happiness.

If you would like to explore these topics more in depth, join Dr. Ricky Haug of Core Family Practice as he leads the discussion 5 Health Game Changers at Anchor Life+Fitness, 112 S. Broad St. in Kennett Square this Wednesday April 26th at 7pm. We hope to see you there.


Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

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