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A new kind of Primary Medical Care has opened in Kennett Square

Posted March 06, 2017 by Fig Kennett in News from Fig

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Core Family Practice is a unique model of practicing medicine that puts the doctor/patient relationship at the forefront of care through what is known as “direct primary care.” In reality, direct primary care isn’t a new model. It is a return to medicine’s roots. Back in the day, the doctor patient relationship was one of the most valuable tools in medicine. There was less of a reliance on medications, imaging tests and elective procedures, so the art of listening, attention and caring were core to treating a patient. Today, in an insurance-driven world where “fee-for- service” drives physician reimbursements, the focus of medicine has shifted away from understanding the patient and toward volume and market share. How often do you visit your doctor’s office, wait for over 30 minutes, and then have 10-15 minutes with your doctor (with half of that time involving computer data entry)? It has become the norm and pressures from the government, insurance companies and hospital systems continue to amplify these dysfunctions.

I can guarantee you this is not what your primary care physician was looking for in medical school. One of the great joys of family medicine/primary care is the ability to form relationships with patients that allow you to understand them - their fears, anxieties, hopes, concerns and goals. In order to treat the whole patient, doctors need more than 10 minutes per visit. That is what led me to leave the fee for service model and start Core Family Practice. Now, my initial patient visits are an hour (sometimes longer) and follow ups are 30-45 minutes if needed. I limit patient enrollment so there is very little wait time and same or next day access for visits.

By opting out of insurance I am not constrained to have to see 20-30 patients a day or to inconvenience patients by making them come into the office for every concern. Sometimes I will do a phone visit, video visit or answer questions over email or text. The goal is to find out what makes the most sense and is most convenient for my patients. We have a convenient in-office pharmacy and lab that allows us to offer medicines and blood draws at significantly reduced and transparent (really!) prices that save most patients a lot of time and money. All this for about $2 a day membership fee with no co-pays or hidden fees. The greatest joy for me has been the ability to get to know my patients, spend time on their cases, improve communication and coordination of their care, and to focus on the art of listening.

SAVE THE DATE! Join us for a free discussion about Direct Primary Care on March 14 th at 7:00 pm in our office 413 West Cypress Street. Doors open at 6:30pm, light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP at or at 610-612- 9283. Also visit our web page at or call 610-612- 9283 to set up a free meet and greet with Dr. Ricky Haug.


A new kind of Primary Medical Care has opened in Kennett Square

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