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Drinks to Keep You Warm all Winter

Posted January 19, 2017 by Sam Ferraro in Say Hello to Sam

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If you’re anything like me, and by that, I mean constantly in need of comforting ways to get you through the frigid winter months (though these past few months have been oddly warm), then look no further than the cozy streets of Kennett Square to offer you that little push to get you through the cold.

Within walking distance of each other, Kennett offers two friendly and wonderfully welcoming coffee shops where you can find any warm and snuggly beverage to keep you going. Both Philter Coffee and Talula’s Table have a wide selection of coffees and warm drinks to curl up with—either at the shops or at home—while reading, writing, catching up with friends, or simply while running errands. The staff at both locations are friendly and always willing to chat about fun things going on around town (which is always ideal when looking for something to do on those chilly winter evenings).

In case you’re unfamiliar with the offerings at each location, let me guide you around the liquid gold that our lovely town has to offer. We’ll start with Talula’s. Their menu offerings vary from hot chocolate to coffee to apple cider (which my roommate has confirmed is wonderful, so definitely grab a cup of that). They also feature specials which change periodically. For instance (and I can vouch that it’s lovely), they're offering a butterscotch latte, which is warm and smooth and all around wonderful. If you’ve had a rough day at school or work or if everything just seems gray and dismal and you need a pick-me-up, grab a butterscotch latte to at least fill your stomach with something delicious and energizing. It’ll work wonders for your soul. And your ability to stay awake as the sun sets earlier (which still gets to me, even in January).

Talula’s also offers house-made syrups that are on point and uniquely superb, such as honey cinnamon, ginger, and lavender, so if you’re looking for a snazzy flavor to spice up your drink, look no further than your favorite Talula’s barista. They also offer a solid selection of teas and La Columbe coffee for those who enjoy their drinks a little less sweat and not milk based. Though if you happen to be lactose intolerant, Talula’s has your back with alternative milk options.

Moving a little further down W. State Street, you’ll find Philter Coffee, the second of the coffee shops in town. Philter offers coffees from Ceremony, a roaster based in Maryland, which vary depending on the season. Right now, they’re offering a Winter Blend—a part of Ceremony’s seasonal coffee offerings—which is a delicious way to get you motivated to walk outside into the cold.

Philter also offers tea selections from Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop, which is right around the corner, just in case you happen to find the tea of your dreams and decide to stock up (the Gingersnap and Candied Almond teas will change your whole life). The shop also offers a variety of espresso drinks, similar to Talula’s such as Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and matcha. And if you’re a fan of cold drinks, there’s iced coffee, iced lattes, and a selection of iced teas. My favorite is the mocha latte, because what’s honestly better than coffee and chocolate combined in a magical mug of happiness and joy? Nothing. And again, Philter, like Talula’s, also has non-dairy options for those who can’t stomach milk, making them equally as accommodating.

So if you’re like me, and you need constant caffeination and something warm to cradle as you walk from one shop to another, look no further than your two local coffee shops. I promise they’ll brighten even the dreariest and cold winter days and make your life a little warmer.

Sam Ferraro - Say Hello to Sam

Sam Ferraro has been a West Grove resident all her life, but has found herself most content in Kennett Square after starting her job at Philter Coffee just shy of two years ago. She enjoys finding any excuse to venture around town, drinking coffee, perusing tea selections, and hanging out at the local shops and bookstores. She loves chatting about anything and everything, so stop by Philter, where you’ll either find her working or trying to squeeze in some writing, to say hello!


Drinks to Keep You Warm all Winter

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