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Your Guide to a day of Holiday Shopping in Historic Kennett Square

Posted December 12, 2016 by Sam Ferraro in Say Hello to Sam

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Pictured above: holiday shopping at worKS.

Believe it or not (but really believe it, because it’s true), Kennett Square is a gold mine for Christmas spirit and holiday shopping opportunities among the many small businesses. With boutiques and restaurants lining the quaintest streets in town, there is zero chance of missing anyone on your shopping list this year, and for gift-challenged people such as myself, this is ideal.

To start, it should be known that hidden beneath the wonderful Mushroom Cap, is a magical toyshop suited to bring any child's Christmas wishes to life. From giant stuffed giraffes to smaller, trinket-like items, the toy store does not disappoint. From there, you can venture upstairs to find goodies for those out-of-town family members who might’ve been yearning for a “shittake happens” sticker or a Kennett Square mug to commemorate their visit.

Stay caffenated at Talula's Table!

If you’re like me and need constant caffeination, you’re in luck, because right across from the Mushroom Cap is Philter Coffee and slightly up the street is Talula’s Table, both offering coffee options to keep you going on your shopping excursions. Both shops also offer a collection of smaller items that make great stocking stuffers. Philter also offers retails bags of beans and craft chocolate, while Talula’s offers meats, cheeses, etc.

Once the children are covered and you’re fully caffeinated and ready to roll, it’s time to move on to the adults of your shopping list. If you’re searching for something for the makeup lover of the family, Houppette has a fabulous offering of quality beauty products from Bumble and Bumble to Laura Mercier to Bare Minerals. But while Houppette offers a vast selection of make-up, it also offers snuggly but fashionable pajama sets, clothing items, as well as clutches and wristlets and other charming accessories. 

If you have anyone interested in haircare or self care, Blown Away and Picone are there for you. Blown Away offers a unique Blow Dry Bar experience and hair products galore (even for unruly hair like mine), perfect for any holiday gathering, while Picone offers soothing massages, facials and other spa services for those who are overworked and might not have the time to relax.

Find a fabulous pair of heels at Ashley Austin Boutique!

For those seeking more clothing and jewelry for their loved ones, stores such as Green Eyed Lady, No. 109, Ashley Austin Boutique, Chantilly Blue, Shop Mamie, Bove Jewelers, and State & Union all offer unique and fun clothing and accessory options. State & Union offers snazzy selections from the brand United by Blue, which helps promote sustainable living and a healthy environment. For those on your list who are environmental activists, our pals at State & Union have the hookup on both clothing and how to get involved. They also have a wide selection of clothing for men, and recently added, children.

As for Green Eyed Lady, there is a collection of fun patterns and handmade jewelry for those who enjoy statement pieces and more earthy styles. No. 109, Ashley Austin, Chantilly Blue, and Shop Mamie each bring something exclusive to the table, as well. They deliver shoes, clothing, accessories and limited makeup options at various price points, making gift-getting accessible for everyone, each with their own bits of flair. 

And of course, for those who seek jewelry or are trying to make an important declaration of love this holiday season, Bove Jewelers has a beautiful selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and many other sparkly goodies for your loved ones.

Venturing away from the realm of clothing for a while, if you happen to have any book lovers in your life—people who love the crisp smell of a well-turned page—Kennett has just the bookstores for you. Both the rare book shops, as well as the used bookstore are goldmines for those who love to read on a budget. Or even not on a budget. Anyone who loves books, at all, will be satisfied here.

Breaking for a post-shopping snack at Kaboburrito.

At this point in the shopping excursion, it may be time for a quick pick me up from one of the many restaurants and quick bites throughout town. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, there’s something for every pallet. One of my personal favorites, Kaboburrito, located in the Market at Liberty Place, offers a delectable menu infused with Mexican and Mediterranean influenced treats. My favorite meal is the Mediterranean Burrito, filled with hummus, roasted red peppers, rice and other remarkably delicious, savory ingredients. It’s most certainly enough to keep any shopper going throughout their day. And Kaboburrito’s location is quite convenient, allowing patrons to gander at the wines from Paradox, spices and oils, and a myriad of other goods that can be purchased from within the marketplace. 

Photo credit: Marché

After lunch—once fully rejuvenated and ready to push onward—one can make their way back down State Street to find themselves at Marché, Salt and Stone, Scout and Annie, and The Orange Door. Marché, Scout and Annie, and The Orange Door provide a collection of home goods, though each in very different ways. Scout and Annie has a wide selection of resale furniture, which is restored and resold looking just as good—if not better—than before. It also offers dish ware, fancy soaps and candles, and slight holiday decor. Marché and The Orange Door, on the other hand, offer home goods with a more Antropologie feel. Marché has items ranging from delectably scented candles (one of which is Blue Jean—a gift to the nose) to snuggly blankets to embroidered ottomans. They also offer clothing and jewelry as well. I had my sights set on a beautiful pair of emerald earrings, which could be paired nicely with the beautiful red dress set up in Marché’s window display. The Orange Door has similar offerings of candles, silverware, table trinkets, and many other wares to make any home more cozy and dazzling.

Salt and Stone, another shop which offers a wide variety of handcrafted items, gives buyers a chance to cleanse their spirit with unique gems and crystals and lotions to ensure better living all year long. For the holiday season, festive terrariums greet customers across from the front door. They stole my attention immediately, reminding me strongly of the wonders of Longwood Gardens. Priced at a reasonable $36, they’re a holiday must-have decoration. Buy them now, before I beat y’all to it. 

While venturing into the realm of handcrafted commodities, Kennett Square is rich with local artists working in a variety of mediums from leather to paint to metal works. For those on your list searching for something authentic and creative, these local artists can be found floating around town in their distinct habitats or found in pop-up shops or at worKS, a collective for artists, many of which can also be reached through various forms of social media.

Lastly, for those you may not know as well, there are a plethora of gift card options from local restaurants (including but certainly not limited to Lily, Half Moon, Nomadic Pies, or La Madera) and all the aforementioned shops and boutiques. You just have to be willing to take a stroll through lovely, historic Kennett Square (a treat for the soul, really), where you never know what gems you’ll find.

Sam Ferraro - Say Hello to Sam

Sam Ferraro has been a West Grove resident all her life, but has found herself most content in Kennett Square after starting her job at Philter Coffee just shy of two years ago. She enjoys finding any excuse to venture around town, drinking coffee, perusing tea selections, and hanging out at the local shops and bookstores. She loves chatting about anything and everything, so stop by Philter, where you’ll either find her working or trying to squeeze in some writing, to say hello!


Your Guide to a day of Holiday Shopping in Historic Kennett Square

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